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Jackie Robinson All-Star Trivia

Jackie Robinson Second Base Topps Baseball Card, 1952, Jackie Robinson Museum Collection

Jackie Robinson second base Topps Baseball Card, 1952, Jackie Robinson Museum Collection

Celebrate Jackie Robinson Day as you show off your class's knowledge about American hero Jackie Robinson's life on and off the field. Play for prizes and learn new content about Jackie’s childhood, all-star athletic career, and post-baseball work as you compete with peer classes across the country. In this fun, interactive virtual game, participants will see primary sources including photographs, documents and video clips and think about Robinson's legacy and relevance today.

Game Rules (please review carefully before signing up):

  • The game is scheduled for 12:30pm Eastern Time. Expected duration: 45 minutes
  • The game will take place on Kahoot! and will be broadcast via Zoom.
  • The game is designed for school classes to compete against each other (not individual students).
  • Only classes meeting in-person are eligible.
  • Multiple classes from the same school are welcome. Home school groups or "pods" are welcome to participate.
  • Each participating classroom will need two devices: one to watch the live hosted game and one to submit answers for the group as a whole.
  • We recommend downloading the Kahoot! app for your playing device in advance, though it is not required.
  • There is no prior lesson required, but we will provide suggested materials and resources to help students learn about Jackie Robinson in advance when you receive your confirmation email.

Registration deadline: April 13

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