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Jackie Robinson All Star Trivia

Jackie Robinson steals home plate against the New York Yankees’ catcher Yogi Berra. Robinson is declared safe at home during game one of the World Series at Yankee Stadium, Bronx, NY, October 28, 1955.
Courtesy of Mark Kauffman, Sports Illustrated, Getty Images

Are you looking for something fun and interactive to do with your family during the holiday season? 

Join us for our inaugural intergenerational trivia night to test your knowledge about Jackie Robinson’s life on and off the field. Play for prizes and learn new things about Jackie’s childhood, all-star athletic career, and post-baseball work as you compete with families around the country to answer questions while looking at some cool photographs, videos, and documents—all in under an hour! Show off your knowledge while we all commemorate Robinson’s legacy and relevance today.

This program is geared towards children ages 8-13 who will work with an adult. Participants must have two devices to participate, a viewing device and a playing device. 

The trivia game is hosted on Kahoot and broadcast on Zoom. We recommend downloading the Kahoot app to your playing device in advance (though not required). 


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