Jackie Robinson

SAFE AT HOME: Celebrating an American Hero

Our interactive portal celebrating JACKIE ROBINSON will educate, inspire and challenge you with games, video clips, book readings, craft projects and more. There’s something for every age as we all stay SAFE AT HOME.

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Get in the Game

Jackie Robinson was an undeniable leader on and off the baseball diamond. With courage, determination and baseball prowess, he paved the way for Black players who followed him, proving that people should not be treated differently because of their skin color. He led by getting in the game and giving it his all. How would you like to get in the game today?

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Put me in, coach

Jackie Robinson believed in the power of young people to make positive change. This starts with being thoughtful about the things that are important to you and those you care about. These activities are designed to help you think about those things, while you also learn about the things that mattered to Jackie Robinson.